The Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) sets out a vision for public health to IMPROVE and PROTECT the nation’s health and improve the health of the poorest fastest. 

Indicators within the framework, that are published by Public Health England (PHE), are grouped into 4 domains- wider determinants, health improvements, health protection, healthcare and premature mortality; which cover the full spectrum of public health. The outcomes reflect a focus not only on how long people live, but how well they live at all stages of life. 

The public health outcome framework enables local authorities to benchmark and compare their own outcomes with other local authorities. Updates on PHOF are published as part of a quarterly cycle in August, November, February and May. 

 Latest Update – November 2019

The appended borough report, which includes the indicators updated in November 2019, identifies Wandsworth’s current level of performance and compares it to its previous year’s performance. Further comparisons are made to inner London boroughs, London and England. The public health board have a watching brief on indicators related to immunisation, screening and air quality and they are therefore considered as high priority.  


  • Generally, the borough generally performed similarly to London and England.
  • Wandsworth’s performance worsened for population vaccination coverage for flu in those aged 65+; population vaccination coverage for flu in at risk individuals; MMR population vaccination for 1 dose in 2-year olds; PCV population vaccination; population vaccination coverage for Dtap/IPV/Hib in 1 years olds; violent crime and new STI diagnosis.
  • Improvement was seen in first time offenders indicator.

Read the full update: Public Health Outcomes Framework- November 2019 Update.

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