How To

Below, you will find video tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the main functions and tools on DataWand. If you have any suggestions for  video tutorials please get in touch and Contact Us!

You can view some of the “coming soon” video tutorials on our sister site DataRich – these will help you navigate DataWand as the website set-up is the same.

Data Themes: Maps

Most Data Themes have a mapping function – you will find the ‘Map’ button at the top of the page. The map allows users to display data from within the theme geographically. Users can change the data and geography shown (e.g. Wards, LSOAs (see Guide to Geography)), the basemap and the symbol levels on the map. Maps can be easily exported and printed.

Custom Area Reporter

The Custom Area Reporter is accessible from the top ribbon. It is a tool that enables users to build a ‘custom area’ from several standard boundaries (e.g. Wards, LSOAs (see Guide to Geography)). You can then generate a report for this ‘custom area’, providing a summary of all data themes on DataWand. You can save ‘custom areas’ you have built for future use.

Population Slicer

The Population Slicer is a tool that enables users to make specific queries of population data. The data can be filtered by age, sex, ethnicity, religion, marriage/civil partnership status, disability, geographical area and year.

Quick Ward Profiles

A Quick Ward Profile is a summary of all the data themes on DataWand (e.g. Population, Crime & Community Safety, Housing…) at Ward level. Quick Ward Profiles are accessible from the Homepage. Choose a Ward by simply clicking on the map or search for a postcode and return the relevant Ward Profile.

  • Quick Ward Profiles (video coming soon!)

Data Themes: Overviews and Reports

Data Themes are the topic areas covered on DataWand (e.g. Population, Crime & Community Safety, Housing…) – you can find them listed under the ‘Data’ tab or in the coloured boxes on the Homepage. Some Data Themes have sub-themes (e.g. Population > Children & Young People).

When you visit a Data Theme, you will automatically be presented with an ‘Overview’ – a summary of the theme for the whole borough. Alternatively, you can click ‘Reports’ at the top of the page and generate a Ward or LSOA-level summary for the Data Theme. Use our Guide to Geography to find out more about Wards and LSOAs and use our lookup function to find yours!

  • Data Themes: Overviews and Reports (video coming soon!)

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is accessible from the top ribbon. It is a tool that allows users to search all data sets that are available through DataWand for relevant information – you will find additional indicators that aren’t included in our standard profiles and reports. Users can search using filters or the free text search box. Indicators can be added to a user’s collection and can be further explored or downloaded.

  • Data Explorer (video coming soon!)

If you can’t find the data you’re looking for, please see our Links and Resources section where you will find more sources of borough-level data.