This tool allows users to explore the tenure of Wandsworth households at different geographical levels as reported during the 2021 Census. The profile tool allows users to view characteristics of households based on the tenure reported by the household. Please make sure to read the covering notes before exploring or using the data included in the dashboard.

Hints & Tips

  • The report is best viewed in full-screen by clicking the double-ended arrow in the bottom-corner of the report (⤢).
  • The data is provided as a series of charts, tables and maps – if you hover over charts and maps you can see values.
  • You can hold down the Ctrl button whilst clicking to select multiple criteria.
  • Where available you can switch between Ward and LSOA views using the buttons at the top of the page.


What is an LSOA?

A Lower Super Output Area is a census geography, see our Guide to Geography to find out more.

Why are there no map legends?

The map visual used does not provide this facility. As a dynamic report, users can hover over the map to see values for each area. The colour scale ranges from light (lower values) to dark (higher values).

Can I export this data?

Unfortunately, the data cannot be exported directly from the report on this webpage. You can download data directly from the data providers (ONS).