The Doddington and Rollo Story Map below was put together to help understand the population and their needs on Wandsworth’s Doddington and Rollo Estates. The Story Map draws together a mix of datasets, including live sources, to communicate information on demographics, deprivation, health and crime in a dynamic, responsive way.


The Doddington and Rollo Estates house a young and diverse community that is expected to become increasingly so with future population growth. It is a place that is full of potential for community activity but despite the stability of the base population, there is a propensity for social isolation. There are also high levels of deprivation, where those from disadvantaged beginnings could find it hard to progress to higher social status later in life.

Despite being surrounded by good opportunities for education and health (e.g. high performing schools, green spaces), these assets might not appear accessible to estate residents. The transition into adulthood appears particularly difficult with issues surrounding incomplete study and career opportunities. There are several hints at unhealthy lifestyles and poor health on the estates, unusually affecting a large proportion of young people. Mental health conditions and issues with substance dependence could be affecting some residents.

The volume of overall crime on the estates has increased over recent years, with a notable increase in violent crime.

Doddington and Rollo Story Map

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